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Earn Fbc 2013 Full Tutorial


  • HSS
  • Security Kiss 
  • Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox

Search Games The Many Generate FBC

  1. Ravenwood Fair (http://apps.facebook.com/ravenwoodfair)
  2. Draw mything (http://apps.facebook.com/drawmything)
  3. Zoo Paradise (http://apps.facebook.com/zoo-paradise)
  4. Tetris Battle (http://apps.facebook.com/tetris_battle)
  5. Paradise Life (http://apps.facebook.com/paradiselife/)
  6. Hero City (http://apps.facebook.com/hero-city)
  7. Crime City (http://apps.facebook.com/crimecitygame)
  8. Fashion Designer (http://apps.facebook.com/fashiondesignergame)
  9. Cafe Line (http://apps.facebook.com/mycafelife)
  10. Deal Or No Deal (http://apps.facebook.com/dealornodeal)
  11. Spartacusgame (https://apps.facebook.com/spartacusgame)

Remember! [VIDEO OUT REGULAR HOURS 12 Noon - 15 pmAfternoon]

Usage Procedure:

  1. Log In to Facebook Past
  2. Use Hotspot Shield & Security Kiss
  3. Then Activate Program Above
  4. Log Into Game
  5. Search Posts Earn & Watch Video
  6. Watch a video of the song until the end
  7. You will be 1 FBC per video

How to Watch Her Videos & View Frame Source:

  1. Locate the "Earn 1 Credit? Watch the entire video below. Click the banner to learn more"
  2. Right Click, Then Select "View Frame Source"
  3. Then, a new tab will appear
  4. Find trialpay.com Link in new tab (To Easily search click (Ctrl + F) >> See Picture Here
  5. Then copy the link after the mark (") to pre-mark (") {"= Quote Marks}
  6. After that, paste it into a new tab
  7. The video set
  8. After that play the vidio that first reply was in the last game link wait until it finishes loading.
  9. After that video is in another tab it can be played together or going on a swivel 1/1 is fine :)

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Thx it Work ! I got 26 Fbc Today !

Thank You Sir ! :D

bayuaji hadiyanto mengatakan...

Ok ;) Stay Visit On My Blog :e:


Apakah Masih Bisa ?

didit pratama mengatakan...


Fahmi Jabbar mengatakan...

indonesia please

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